April 28, 2008

#27 Historic Downtown New York

Historic Downtown New York
Battery Park

New York was kind of a “throw-away” stop. Yes we saw the Statue of Liberty, but we didn’t go to Ellis Island. We took the Staten Island Ferry past it. The whole purpose of the New York part of the trip was for JL to meet up with some friends who are serving an LDS couples mission on Long Island. So, we ferried past the SoL and then met them for lunch and chatting which lasted until it was time to catch the train back to Philly.

Statue of Liberty

Also, speaking as a small town girl: Nothing will prepare you for New York City. It is huge. There are a gazillion people. The buildings are all really, really tall. The streets are narrow, often one-way, and I’m glad we were in a taxi. It was incredibly intimidating and it took quite a bit of courage to venture out to find a pharmacy. (I needed aloe for the sunburn Philly gave me.)