April 28, 2008

#24 Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Pennsylvania Dutch Country
Horse and Buggy

Obligatory picture of an Amish horse and buggy, taken with stealth.

Covered Bridge Lancaster County

I’d spent a lot of time on http://www.padutchcountry.com/ and settled on one of the driving tours, of covered bridges. Here’s the scoop...they all...look pretty much the same. But the drive itself took us out and around some beautiful country. One of the most fascinating things was that I expected the Amish to be cloistered, in a closed community, like in Witness or something. We saw several farms where horse and buggy were parked in one driveway, and pick up trucks in the next.

Amish Farm

JL bought a half moon bird house from a roadside farm (she wanted a really elaborate birdhouse, but was thwarted by finding means to ship it home). And we found that much like every other sector of society we were treated warmly by some, ignored by others, and yelled at by one angry Amish guy.