April 28, 2008

#21 Monticello

Monticello 2

I originally thought we’d come, we’d see, we’d move on to the next thing, but Monticello was spectacular. The gardens were blooming, the day was beautiful, and the view was awesome. The house tour itself, was too short...maybe 5 rooms, but the guide was funny, and good at involving the whole group (we had a couple of pre-k’s in the group), and using anecdotes to share the information.

Tunnel under Monticello

After the tour we walked through the “secret tunnel” and looked at the quarters, storage, and other facilities beneath the house. It was about then that I was really regretting not springing for the audio tour, and not having enough time to hear the garden and plantation tours.

Monticello looking over the valley

Definitely should be on the list...one of the best views I’ve seen for a long time. Plus, I love history and visiting Monticello made it come alive.