April 28, 2008

#23 Gettysburg

Silence and Respect Gettysburg

We got a little lost looking for the visitor’s center, so we ended up purchasing a tour from a local operator. The guide was fantastic, how he could keep the entire battle straight is beyond me. (Although, if I talked about it all day everyday, it would probably become second nature to me as well.) The biggest problem was the bus only stopped once. I think I would have preferred to keep looking for the NPS center and get the audio driving tour, so I could’ve stopped and taken pictures everywhere.

Gettysburg at Little Round Top

On Little Round Top there is a castle-like building and we went in, climbed the stairs and looked out. Then we looked down, and at the base of the tower was a rock making the place of death of a soldier. Gettysburg is awe-inspiring. To walk the grounds where the most important battle of the civil war took place is near overwhelming, to think of those who lost their lives, and have it seem real. That real people ran through the town, firing muskets. That those are real bullet holes, and cannon ball damage, that these buildings in front of you, they were here, they witnessed the battle.

Gettysburg Address

One word of caution, do not visit the Hall of Presidents unless you have need of serious comic relief. It’s awful.