April 28, 2008

#25 Philly Food

Philly Food
King of Steaks

Cheesesteak Exhibit 1

When we got to Pat’s there was a TV crew there from Chicago. They were actually covering the PA primary, but this was the obligatory cheesesteak story. They tried to interview JL until they discovered we weren’t local. Neither were most of the other diners. The locals who were there...didn’t want to be on camera. My best guess is they are tired of being asked if they ever eat at the other establishment. I’ve seen the same kind of segment on a variety of programs.

The Most Neon

Cheesesteak Exhibit 2

In the Great Cheesesteak Debate it boils down to this: Geno’s is better. It is. Pat’s meat was thick cut, fatty, and chewy. Geno’s was thinly sliced and seasoned better. The real bottom line: at either place, you can totally share a steak and fries. They are enormous!