January 30, 2019

#153 The Breakers

Henry Morrison Flagler built the 140 acre Breakers in ultra-super-mega rich Palm Beach, FL in 1896 and rebuilt after a fire in 1926 this beach front hotel is way out of my price range.  I did a super splurge and went to their Sunday Brunch in the The Circle dining room.  

It’s a beautiful building, no doubt. But surrounded by the 1% of the 1% I couldn’t help but be a little sick to my stomach at how out of touch with reality many of their patrons are.  There were several multi-generational families there that were chatting and saying they come every week (doing the math this is several thousand dollars a week for BRUNCH!), and blah, blah, my private yacht.  And wow, the food wasn’t even all that impressive. But the building was really beautiful, and I can firmly put this is the same category as things like the Kentucky Derby, Mardi Gras, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Which is to say, “yeah, I’m glad I did that, but I don’t ever need to do it again.”