August 27, 2018

In New York (New York) – Just You Wait!

Shake Shack
I insisted we try Shake Shack while we were here.  It was a big mistake; big, huge. There were about 500 people crowded into a restaurant meant for 200. The seating was some sort of strategic battle, the food was super marginal, at best, food-borne illness at worst. My Shack Burger was under cooked enough to be concerning, the cheese fries were okay, but nothing I’d recommend, and the vanilla shake was salty.  I’ll never go back.  It the great Steak & Shake, Shake Shack, In n Out, Freddys debate, Shake Shack shouldn’t even make the list.

Ooh, I was so excited!

Nope, nope, nevermind!

Gray’s Papaya
This was around the corner from our hotel and mentioned on my favorite pre-Food-Network food show, A Hot Dog Program.  It was fine. The papaya drink was weird.  You should definitely just go to Rutt’s Hut and get a creamator.


Some Random Corner Pizza Place (like next door to our hotel)
Delicious. Would eat again.


Pret a Manger
Our last day in NYC our flights left late afternoon-ish, we decided to sleep in and then go find some kind of bunch-y something.  There was a Pret around the corner, and I’d grown up reading books where they were mentioned, so I kind of wanted to try one.  It was good, and I wish we had them around these parts. I got some sort of yogurt, apple, cinnamon, granola pret pot and a half chicken and something sandwich.  It was a delicious, light meal and we could sit and chat for a long time and talk about living in NYC.  Which I loved.

And then we headed back to LGA and our vacation was over.  But man, I love NYC and hopefully will go back soon, and if my job stays remote, maybe I’ll Airbnb it for like a month or two next time.