August 13, 2018

Pour Me Another Brew, Son! Let’s Raise a Couple More to the Revolution! (#27 Historic Downtown NY Revisited)

Fraunces Tavern
Pretty much everywhere else we’d been Cort had poked me and said “there are those girls again”, but I never had any idea who she was taking about except a vague impression of some Japanese girls that were in the direction she pointed at Trinity Church.  



So, we she poked me again, when we walked into the Tavern I was like “Stop poking me! What are you talking about!?”  So, she said that those girls, (not Japanese) right over there had been everywhere we’d been all day long, and then the hostess sat us at the table next to them for lunch.

Cort leaned over and was like, “Hey, so are you following us or are we following you?” And we started chatting and low and behold these two girls are from Utah and one lives in Texas now.  So we had delicious food, and great lunch companions.  (But seriously, don’t poke me.  I hate it.)


After our lunching ladies left we were kind of talking about what else we could see downtown.  The 9/11 Memorial was on the list, but honestly neither of us was particularly invested in going.  We weren’t in the mood for that heavy of a topic and just wanted to keep things light.  

Anyway, we were kind of talking about the Statue of Liberty and Cort mentioned that she’d never done the Staten Island Ferry and would like to.  So, heck yeah, we boarded that ferry.  I think we waited about 30 minutes to board for Staten Island, 25 minutes to get to SI, a quick run around through the station, the return 25 min back to NYC, and it was about time to head back to the hotel and get ready for Hamilton!