August 20, 2018

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story (#45 New York City Revisited)

Listen, I love Hamilton.  This is not news. This is a well-known fact. And while we very nearly didn’t make it to theater on time, we did.  (Do you know why?  Because this is not a crisis.  We’ll figure it out.)  And we got there just in time to snap a pic of the marquis, find our seats in the rear mezz, and get settled in.


Oh, we also got to listen to a hilarious little talk by the usher telling us a bunch of stuff, but most importantly that there were no bathrooms on that level and “remember the 67 stairs you just climbed to get here?  There are that many down to the bathrooms, and then back up”

Also, in today’s listening of a Hamilcast someone said it’s basically faster to leave the theater and run to the Marriott Marquis to pee during intermission.

Anyhow, toward the end of History Has Its Eyes On You, Cort leaned over and was like – let me out I’m not gonna make it to intermission.  I’ll let her tell the whole story, but she ran down those stairs with ushers pointing the way, ripped a broken heel clean off a boot, and ran back up those stairs for the very end of Yorktown.

Also, I was a little worried about the rear mezz seats, but they turned out to be awesome.  All the seating at that level has at least 1 step between levels, so nobody’s head was blocking my view, and because my seat was so high up in the theater I could see the whole surround, which meant I saw (or at least noticed) a bunch of new stuff about the lighting design, and what was happening on the surround.  

Again, I highly, highly recommend seeing it whenever the opportunity presents.  It was magical in a whole different way, although I’ve now only seen Daniel Breaker as Burr because he moved from the Chicago Company to the Broadway Company in the last year.