February 27, 2020

#209 Golden Isles

“Once winter resorts for American aristocracy, Georgia’s barrier islands hosted vacationing Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Goodyears, Pulitzers, and Astors.”

I started out on St. Simons. I'd read about the tree spirits there and thought I'd visit as many as I could.  Unfortunately, this day was kind of a fail.  It was so crowded, the weather wasn't great, and the parking situation was even worse. And did I mention how crowded it was?  Yeah, I only saw 3 of the tree spirits (out of 9, I think, that are in public places) and that was plenty.  They are pretty cool, though.

Then I had lunch at Porch (a southern fried chicken kind of place).  It was not crowded, and it was yummy.

After my late lunch, I headed to the hotel. I had plans to visit Jekyll the next day, but was fully prepared to nope on out of there if the situation was similar to St. Simons.

“Beginning in 1886, 9-mile-long Jekyll Island began earning a reputation as a ritzy wintertime Newport.”

Jekyll was a much better experience, although it started really raining pretty quickly after my trolley tour started.  Bad news: I sat on the wrong side of the trolley so all my pics have my random seatmate in them.  Good news: we stayed pretty dry considering it was pretty open-aired.

But I wouldn't mind going back, the historic district is actually pretty small, and it would be worth it to wander around a little, and maybe tour a few more of the houses.