February 23, 2020

#207 Elizabeth on 37th

“Elizabeth (a.k.a. “Miz Terry’s place”) has been Savannah’s most famous restaurant since it opened in 1981.  Housed in an elegant turn of the century Beaux Arts mansion on the periphery of the Historic District…[is] as impressive visually as its dining experience is gastronomically.”

Remember the disappointment of Chez Panisse...where lunch tasted like dirt and salt?  I do.  E37 was not a disappointment.  First of all, the service was fantastic.  Like, someone walked by every minute or so to unobtrusively refill my water or bus a plate I was finished with.  I've never had such amazing service before.  Exhibit: I tried to take a pic of the lobby about 7 times, but one of the wait staff was always walking through.  This guy is blurry because he's 1 second behind schedule.

The dinner starts with cheese biscuits with an orange marmalade.  I could live off that marmalade; it was so delicious.  

After I perused the menu and place my order the house salad appeared.  I always think spring mix and weird greens are gross and pretentious, but let me tell you I ate the entire salad.  The vinaigrette was super tasty, and it had super creamy goat cheese and citrus wedges.

I ordered the pasta.  I wanted the chicken, but considering the facial injury I suffered earlier in the day, I wasn't sure I could actually chew anything more challenging than pasta. The description was "locally fresh-made pasta tossed with roasted seasonal vegetables in a light parmesan cream". It seemed like a lot could go wrong in that sentence, but it was so good.  Like, I'd start a war to get more of those carrots, good.

Dessert was the apple/cranberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream. I was going to have their signature Savannah Cream Cake, but my waiter said the cobbler was his favorite. It did not disappoint.


Overall, I'd say it was a little pricey for what I got, but what I got was at least very delicious!