November 28, 2011

#74 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

After visiting "The House That Rock Built"

I can only say that Rock should have hired Frank Lloyd Wright.  

My belief is that this is one of those things that just should not be on this list.  It was fine; it was mildly interesting; it was not something I needed to see before I die.  Do you know what should be on the list in its place?  Do you?


But since Fallingwater is not on the "official" list, you can hear me fawn over the  sheer brilliance and AWESOMENESS of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater at PseudoIrishLass.  

But onto this entry ...


You are only allowed to take pictures in the lobby, which actually kind of surprised me.  I figured the home of all things ROCK and ROLL would flaunt conventional museum rules, but alas, they are strict adherents.

She's got legzzz ... and knows how to use them.

for KiLee

for Gager Michaels