November 23, 2011

#73 Legal Seafood

Legal Seafood 

I choose this location for Legal Seafood (it's the new flagship store) over the first ever Legal because it was right on the water, and they have shore-side seating, and I was thinking what a great picture that would be. Again, I got into Boston during the day of pouring rain so the deck was all closed up, and I was soaking wet from street-parking about a block away. 101_2861 
I cannot believe I didn't take a picture of my short-rib bruschetta. That stuff was SOOO delicious. I eat a lot of food that I like, and that I think tastes good, and that I will eat over and over, but it is really rare for me to eat something that I LOVE and will talk and talk about. In fact the list is pretty much: Carnival's Warm Chocolate Melting Cake, Mom's Pumpkin Pie, and now...add these appetizers to the list. They were so amazing. It's a good thing the Legal Seafood in King of Prussia doesn't have this on the menu, otherwise I'd be there every night. A dangerous proposition for someone with a shellfish allergy. 101_2858 
"If it isn't fresh, it isn't Legal" Their famous Boston Cream Pie 101_2859 
I would've traded this in a heartbeat for MORE SHORT RIB BRUSCHETTA!