November 12, 2011

#65 Hudson Valley: Part 1

Hudson Valley 

The Hudson Valley turned out to be just a quick drive from Philadelphia, definitely a location that could be visited in a day, and I may go up once more next spring. It was absolutely gorgeous weather, 60s, perfect. Although, almost everyone else on the tour was bundled up in coats, hats and gloves (east coast weather wimps!) it really was just a touch too cool in long shirtsleeves. I was very glad I hadn't worn a coat - it would've been way too warm. My first stop was the Kykuit, the Rockefeller estate in Sleepy Hollow, New York. It was a more modest estate than something like the Newport Mansions, but was still incredibly ornate. I found it interesting to note that it was actually occupied by Rockefellers (Nelson being the last) until 1979, and family members still live on the estate. Our guide was telling us that she saw the eldest remaining Rockefeller walking the estate a few weeks ago. Her first thought as she saw him approach was, "Oh, no, that guy doesn't have a ticket!" and her next was, "Oh! That particular guy doesn't need a ticket!"

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The sculpture at the end of the walkway used to be turned so standing there you could see the palisades through the cut-out, but during Snowtober, a branch fell on it, and turned in slightly. Since the estate is closing for the winter they left it to be sorted out during the winter restoration period.


The Couch House. When you are this rich, you need someplace to store all those couches; right, Cort? ;)