July 1, 2011

#49 Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay

I'll be honest, usually I do quite a bit of research and planning before I visit a place on my list, but these last two (Cape May and Chesapeake Bay), well, I winged it. The book wasn't super specific about the landmarks (the entries mentioned super-expensive hotels) and I knew it was a day trip so I just sort of went. I knew that I'd go to St. Michael's on the eastern shore of the Bay (the opposite side of Baltimore), and had a vague idea that I'd check out the Maritime Museum. Instead, as I was walking to the entrance of the museum I spotted a Bay cruise that left in 15 minutes. SOLD! I got a little to much sun, but standing on the deck, feeling the wind whipping around me, and the water sparkling below me...EXCELLENT.


This drawbridge isn't manned full time so if you need to have it opened so you're boat can go through, you...

Call these numbers and someone will come raise it for you.

Osprey mom and baby

Peeking out


Regatta? Nope, just a basic Wednesday afternoon.


Crab Claw: I would've loved to eat here. It had a lot of personality, was right on the water and even had boat parking along one side of the restaurant. Unfortunately my tendency to break out in hives when walking in to a sea food restaurant stopped from going in.

I did, however, eat at a cute little place on main street called The Big Pickle. I had a very delicious (and safe) turkey club with peach preserves hold the jalapeno. It was delicious, and I found out that I was there on their very first day of being officially open. The guys next to me ordered a couple of the appetizers and they looked pretty tasty as well.