June 30, 2011

#48 Cape May

Cape May

I drove almost the entire trip to Cape May in a east coast thunderstorm. Those members of my family who recently visited the east coast now have an understanding of what that actually means. Because it took a little longer to get to the Cape than I had planned, I didn't get to spend quite as much time there as I would've liked. (I had a ferry reservation at 6:00 to head across the bay to Delaware.) I will say, that what I've heard about Cape May is true. It is a Victorian wonderland on a beach.

Private Residence, but I couldn't help myself.  Look how awesome this place looks!

Inn, it's right across Ocean Street from the beach.

Boutique in town

Bike rental seemed like big business based on a) how many vendors I saw, and b)how often I was nearly run down by cyclists riding on the narrow sidewalks instead of the bike lanes in the street.

Across the street from the shore.

Just look at that scenery!

Nikita is obsessed with ferry boats, especially the kind you can take your car on.  So, I promised her some pictures.