July 22, 2011

#53 Block Island

Block Island

This trip is brought to you by ferries. A lot of them, sometimes for very long rides; I'll be sick of ferry boats for awhile, I think, but I'm keeping that a secret from Kita (lover of all boat trips).

Block Island is about 10 square miles, tiny - really, and a conservancy owns at least a third of the island to maintain its natural, undeveloped beauty, and wildlife refuges.


New Harbor, so named because it is newer than old harbor.

It was a really, really foggy day, and the poor guide kept saying things like, "On a clear day you can see..." Trust me, there is a light house across the bay in this shot.

This looks over the lowest point of the island. It is actually below sea level, but since it sits in a protected middle-ish of the island it just lush vegetation. The fog here was swirling around really fast and furious. It looked AWESOME, but the camera just couldn't capture the magic.

There are 365 (one for each day of the year) fresh water ponds on the island. 365 on a 10 square mile island.

This rock is actually an official longitudinal marker, but residents paint and repaint it constantly. Constantly, as in sometimes several times a day.

Mohegan Bluffs - There's a lighthouse over there, trust me! There's a story about an invading group of Indians rowing over from the mainland (the Mohegan's) and the native tribe was ready and pushed them over these bluffs to their deaths.

Unfortunately the bluffs are basically shifting sand dunes, very unstable. A boy was out of the edge a few years ago and the cliff just collapsed from underneath him. I stayed very clear of that edge.



Lots of bunting and flags everywhere I went; I suspect this was due to the recent holiday.