September 28, 2019

#189 Four Seasons Toronto

“The New York of Canada – and also the Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, and L.A., to judge by the American cities it’s stood in for in the movies, Toronto is power-trip uber center, full of skyscapers, limos, and buzz.  Head northwest of the high-end retail district on Yonge and Bloor however, and you find yourself in a different vibe entirely…This is Yorkville, once an independent village…now the gentrified home of all things haute Toronto.  …The Toronto-based luxury chain’s flagship hotel and a favorite of visiting celebs – especially during the 10-day Toronto International Film Festival[I didn’t see any despite being there on the last day of the TIFF], one of the film world’s most important. The marble floored lobby and other public areas are designed with a mix of clean modern lines and classic parlor style.”  

Both the main restaurant and bar have changed since the publication of The List, but I ate at D|Bar and it was delicious.