September 23, 2019

#187 The American Club

“The American Club is a classy, top-rank all-around vacation resort … The visionary behind the American Club [was] Herbert Kohler, Jr. (of designer plumbing products fame). In 1981 Kohler was responsible for transforming a redbrick, Tudor-style 1918 rooming house into the American Club’s hub.  Built originally for the workers employed at the bathroom fixtures factory across the street, it is now a grand, ivy-covered, manor house of uncommon luxury, with ma-suite bathrooms.  (Incidentally, everything around her is named Kohler, as the family has dominated the area since opening its company in 1873.)"

"Head for the hotel’s refined Immigrant Restaurant and Winery, featuring six different ethnic-themed rooms designed to reflect the groups who once lived and worked here.  Wisconsin’s heritage of dairy farming and German immigrant cuisine are acknowledged on the menu at the hotel’s publike Horse and Plow, with its signature three-cheese soup and grilled Sheboygan sausage sampler – plus a choice of at least eighty regional bottled beers and twelve Wisconsin beers on tap”


Kohler also is famous for its chocolates, and I cannot overstate how cool these look in person.  Seriously go browse their site and then imagine them looking twice as shiny in person.

And as a bonus for any Making a Murderer fans.  I was only about 30 minutes away from Manitowoc, and couldn't pass up the opportunity to drive by Avery Auto Salvage.  I pulled one semi-decent picture from the dashcam.