August 5, 2019

#180 Rocky Mountain National Park

"Rocky Mountain National Park boasts 191 craggy peaks within its 415-square miles - 113 of them more than 10,000 feet and 78 above 12,000 feet...[that] likely inspired the well-known lyrics that celebrate America's purple mountains' majesty.  Views of these peaks are unsurpassed on the Trail Ridge Road, billed as the highest continuous highway in the United States, raising to over 12,000 feet at it apex. Three miles from the eastern entrance is Estes Park and the well-known Stanley Hotel, inspiration for Stephen King's spine-tingling thriller The Shining, much of which was written by the vacationing author in room 217."

Please take special note of the purple nearoadia that I spotted whilst traveling the (very, very crowded) Trail Ridge Road.