August 1, 2019

#178 Aspen

"You can match the beauty of the great outdoors with that of the great indoors at the Little Nell....located a snowball's throw from the Silver Queen, the world's longest single-stage gondola, which hoists skiers up 3,257 feet in just thirteen minutes [spoiler: it felt more like 30]."

I also took a bus to Maroon Bells.  They don't allow private cars up the road to the Bells during daytime hours, but if you get up for the sunrise you can drive there to see it.

During the bus ride up, the driver cautioned us to drink only from approved sources or risk Giardia. This is where I found out my seatmate had Giardia before.  He noted how unpleasant it was, and perhaps the basis for the bathroom sign, below.

Our driver also pointed out all the broken trees and "paths" down the slopes.  These are results of the winter avalanches.  In fact, one avalanche in this canyon this year actually jumped the road and torn up the trees on the other side....uphill.

And last, but not least, my bus back to Aspen Highlands, included the guy in the last picture. Transporting a giant instrument and a stool to sit on.  And, in fact, he was joined by more musicians with giant instruments, but I was able to snap a photo of them.