June 30, 2019

#173 Big Sky

I had to do some rearranging so I didn't get to spend time at the Big Sky Resort, instead focusing on brunch at Lone Mountain Ranch...

"More than 45 miles of trails are the uncontested draw at the much-ballyhooed Lone Mountain Ranch, an elegant four-seasons lodge with an acclaimed restaurant."

I was there for their Sunday Summer Brunch, and the way they do it is THE WAY to do a "all you can eat buffet".

Basically, they bring you a menu and you order as much or as little as you want.  When you're finished, they bring you the menu again and you can order again.  Everything on the menu is made to order so it's the right temperature and no kids have sneezed on it.

The do have an actual buffet line for things like breakfast breads, fresh fruit, bacon, and a couple of soups - including their famous venison chili.
  • Pickle Fried Chicken & Waffles

  • At The Hutch: Greek Yogurt Parfait, Fresh Fruit & Berries, House Pastry & Sticky Buns, Bacon, Sausage

  • House Buttermilk Pancakes with Huckleberries

  • Rawnola (blue majik almond milk, mixed berries, banana, cocoa nibs, coconut, pistachio)