May 20, 2019

#161 Chez Panisse

“Local farmers supply the kitchen, and if a farmer’s got a new kind of pomegranate or cheese, it will show up on tonight’s menu and inspire the entire meal…”

I booked lunch at the Chez Pannisse Café (upstairs, more casual) version of the dining room, and ordered the prix fixe menu for the day. 

Menu du Jour

Garden Lettuces: this tasted like weeds and dirt and was super salty. 


Rigatoni with rocket pesto, sun dried tomatoes, and ricotta salsa: yeah this was just ok, and I already know that rocket = arugula from my time in Barcelona, but it doesn’t taste any better in America.

Tangerine sherbet meringue with strawberries and candid kumquats: this was definitely the best course, but not because of the sherbet.  

It tasted exactly like the rainbow sherbet my grandparents always had when we’d visit them growing up.  

The meringue and strawberries were really good, and the candied kumquats were my very favorite thing from the whole meal.

Meier lemon juice spritzer:  this was overall the best part of the meal (candied kumquats aside).  It was super light and refreshing and wasn’t too sour or lemony.

Bread: Again, just meh.  This is really disappointing since I freaking love bread!

All told, this was fine, I wouldn’t go again and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else.  Just go get a pizza.