July 25, 2017

#143 Superdawg

There was a PBS program many years ago called A Hot Dog Program that I've watched every time its aired, and love. (Even though I don't really like hot dogs.) It was Food Paradise, and Diners, Drive ins, and Dives before Food Network existed for me, and I loved it.  It made one of my least favorite foods look totally irresistible, and even now, if I am anywhere in the vicinity of one of those joints, I try out their hot dog.  


All this to say, I was eating at Superdawg in Chicago regardless, and what a happy coincidence that it is on The List.

Their names are Maurie and Flaurie

Superdawg is an old-fashioned drive-in where car hops will deliver food to your car on a tray that attaches to the side.



We Ubered out to their original location, ordered at a window and ate at a picnic table.  



When you order a Superdawg, you get a contentedly lounging dog with Superfries snuggled around it.


I'll be honest, I pretty quickly took that pickle off, though!



The Superdawg was pretty good for a hot dot, I think I'd still rather have a ripper from Rutt's Hut.  And I definitley want to do a proper dog-off next time between Portillo's and Superdawg.  

But for good, nostaligic dawgs, and kitschy fun - I definitely recommend a stop at Superdawg!