July 24, 2017

#142 Arun's (Taste of Thai Town)

Y'all know I'm not above a little fudging on The List if the situation calls for it, and this was one of those times.  The actual List thing is Arun's, a super fancy, fine dining Thai restaurant with a really lousy website.  

Sidenote: it in 2017, how do you run a business without at least a moderately user friendly website.  How?!

Anyhow, in looking at the website, it seemed like you could only get a prix-fixe menu and there was a LOT of shellfish.  Since, that would literally kill me, epi-pen or not, I was not sure I'd be able to cross this place off The List.  However, in Googling around, I discovered that Arun (the owner and chef at Arun's, unsurprisingly) had open a slightly more casual restaurant called Taste of Thai Town.



The food was really, really good (especially the coconut ice cream), and the name was too punny not to go.






Our Lyft driver back into downtown had a lot of questions about how we found this restaurant because we were tourists purposefully going to a Thai place out in the 'burbs that he had never even heard of.  But he did say, he might have to try it now.