October 28, 2019

#194 The Balsams

"This lavish 1866 grand resort hotel sits on a remarkably isolated spot 12 miles south of the Canadian border, amid a landscape its owners describe as "the Switzerland of America," on the banks of Lake Gloriette, in a U-shaped mountain pass surrounded by 800-foot cliffs."


The Balsams closed in 2011 after being purchased by new owners. The original intent was to renovate the property, and in 2014 another heavy-weight joined the redevelopment effort.  From everything I can gather, the redevelopment has been mired in a variety of delays including, financing, permitting, etc.  Right now, they are marketing condos or residences in the property.  

The resort is still visible from a public road, but many of the roads to the resort have been blocked and closed.  Maybe someday it will be a grand resort destination again.