October 2, 2019

#190 Adirondacks

“The largest park in the continental United States – larger than Yosemite or the entire state of Massachusetts – the 6 million-acre Adirondacks State Park is legally protected to remain “forever wild.”  Surrounded by primeval forests, mountains, and more than 2,500 lakes and ponds…the [lakefront great camp compounds] blended luxury and rustic charms, usually native, minimally worked logs, branches, and decorative twig-work in what’s become known as the Adirondack style.”

I opted to drive the Veteran’s Memorial Highway near Lake Placid and stop by Lake Placid Lodge.  The leaves are just beginning to change, but the weather was a bit glum so the pictures are all a bit muted, but it the spectacular scenery of the great north east is just beginning.