February 22, 2013

#109 Soniat House

Soniat House

As you all know generally when there is a hotel on The List it is super fancy which means it is also super out of my price range, so I eat lunch there or do a drive-by.  I was so excited to discover that since I was already paying more than I usually do for hotels in the French Quarter (and since they had a mid-week rate available) I could afford to spend my last night in New Orleans at Soniat House.



The room was nothing really to write home about; it was charming, but small - not really the grandeur I was expecting, but it was lovely, and had a glorious view of the courtyard.   

You can see the night porter peeking out; my favorite part of this hotel is that it is completely private and closed off to the street.  You either need a key to the door or must ring the bell.  I like that exclusivity.  








When I got back to the hotel after Preservation Hall I discovered that they also had turn down service.  I love coming into a hotel room to find that someone has tidied up.  Seriously, the lamps were all on, the towels were all replaced, and garbage emptied, and the toilet paper was re-folded in a triangle, and obviously the bed was turned down and the pillows restacked/refluffed.  

The only meal they offer is breakfast and there is only one item on the menu - freshly made buttermilk biscuits with homemade blackberry jam.  I was feeling pretty miserable by this time, but am so glad I took time to eat before leaving.

Here is my table - set, ready and waiting for me in the courtyard.  The waiter made certain to find a sunny spot (he thought it was too chilly to eat in the courtyard that morning - it was about 60 degrees).  

Can we talk about how much I love the little yellow tea pot?

And you know how much I love fancy butter!

Oh so yummy biscuits.

I'm so happy I was able to stay at Soniat House.  It really does have a very family feeling (they only have something like 20 employees), especially for a luxury hotel.  

Oh, and they also have a cat:
"Hey!  I think those are portraits of me."