February 19, 2013

#107 New Orleans Restaurant Scene

New Orleans Restaurant Scene

Y'all there are some good eats in N'Awlins.  The List mentions several restaurants and I walked past all of them at some point (NOLA, Galatoire's, Acme Oyster House, etc.), but only ate at Napoleon House.

I did eat at plenty of delicious places, though, and apart from the famous seafood (which you know of which I cannot partake) tried the local specialties.
I rolled into town pretty late, checked into the hotel and asked for some close places for a quick dinner.  I ended up at Frank's on Decatur where I had my very first muffaletta.

Muffaletta is traditionally made with all sorts of stuff I don't normally eat - capicola, salami, ham, provolone, olive salad, and olive oil.  They are round loaves about 9 - 10 inches in diameter.  I ordered half and can tell you that a quarter would've been sufficient.  That thing was huge!

The waitress also had an excellent recommendation for a beverage and is the one who steered me to Cafe Beignet.

The next day was Mardi Gras!  

I had brunch at Cafe Beignet

One thing I hadn't planned on was that a lot of places close on Mardi Gras Day - I had planned to eat dinner at Napoleon House, but it was closed.  I ended up at the French Market Cafe where I had a turkey po' boy.

It was possibly the best thing I ate in New Orleans.  (And I don't want to hear anything from the peanut gallery about my love of turkey sandwiches!)

Ash Wednesday I headed to Cafe Du Monde for breakfast

And went to Napoleon House for dinner and had a roast beef po' boy and their famous Pimms Cup

Roast beef po' boy

It was really, really good ... but that turkey po' boy was still the best!

I should also mention that all the enclosed restaurants were really dark inside.  Which helps if you're eating unfamiliar food and don't really want to get a good look at how pink that meat is.  :)

After Napoleon House I had some time to kill before the concert at Preservation Hall so I went to Old Coffee Pot Gumbo for dessert.  I didn't take a picture, but had the richest, chocolatey-ist cake ever.  OCPG has been featured on Food Network - I thought it looked familiar, but didn't realized why until I walked in and you can actually order a sampler of the dishes featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.


So, I ate my way through New Orleans and it was delicious!