August 30, 2012

#89 Ten Thousand Waves

Ten Thousand Waves


Honestly, I was still really hurting from my hike through the natural entrance at Carlsbad Caverns and I was so excited that I'd splurged on a spa day.  Although after this trip I am totally convinced that Waves = Steps.  I swear, I climbed at least 10,000 stairs at this spa.


It's a little (okay a lot) new age, a little Zen, and a blend of traditional Japanese baths set in a southwestern location.


and these stairs are AFTER you climb up the mountain.


I indulged in the Nippon Nirvana package and it was super relaxing (and I am not so good at just relaxing).

The package included:

  • An hour in a private bath -  I ended up "upgrading" my private bath to the Shoji (which included both a hot pool, cold plunge, and sauna).  It was outdoors, but the only open air side of the room faced the mountain, and it was so nice to just sit and soak in the whirlpool.  
  • After that I had the Yashuragi Head & Neck Treatment - their website says, "Yashuragi means 'comfort'.  This amazing treatment is designed to deliver a deep state of relaxation, beginning witht he neck, moving to the scalp, and finishing with hypnotic point work on the face".  There is an option warm camellia oil treatment for your hair which I would highly recommend.
  • I had the same technician for both the Yashuragi treatment and the Ashi Ahma Foot Massage so it was heavenly to just transition from one to the other without having to get up and climb more stairs.
After the foot massage I had about a fifteen minute break where I drank about a gallon of their delicious cucumber water.  The technician had reminded me that the elevation change could affect hydration, and that spa treatments (especially those that were "hot") really require you to drink more water.  I hadn't even thought about Santa Fe being a higher elevation, but after she said that everything made a lot more sense.

  • My final treatment was a Japanese Organic Massage Facial, and Oh, my!  I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Their website says, "Japanese facial massage uses light stroking, kneading, and percussive techniques to increase circulation, muscle tone, hydration, and lymphatic drainage for the neck and face.  This facial feels different from any you have ever received!"  I don't know about all their health claims, but it felt great - and was soooo relaxing.
I also appreciated that my technician didn't try and sell me 101 products.  In fact, she told me that since I'd be taking a shower before I left (I had oil in my hair from the other massage) I should go to the spa store and ask to use the testers for this, this, and this so I would be nice and moisturized all day. 

I loved my spa day, and although I would never regularly spend this much on spa treatments regularly, it was a fantastic splurge to cross another place off The List.