May 28, 2012

#81 Bluegrass Country

Bluegrass Country

We drove through a lot of Bluegrass Country going to and fro between distilleries and the Derby.  The most important thing to know is that those pictures you always see of rolling hills, white fences, and horses?  It is completely and totally accurate.  Having said that, almost no horse farms were opened to the public because it was Derby week.  So I couldn't get that iconic shot.  

We did see that iconic shot from narrow little country road quite often, though.
Instead we went to the Kentucky Horse Farm. 

We saw a show that talked about various types of horses and I thought it was funny that they put the GIANT war horse next to the miniature horse...

After the show the horses were available to pet and take pictures with and we started talking to the guy with the war horse (I can't remember what breed it is).  The horse would shy away whenever someone went to pet him, and the guy was saying that for a long time the interaction between the fencing and the ring material was causing the horses to get an electric static shock every time they were touched.  It took forever to figure out that was happening and then forever to figure out how to stop it.  They finally brought a spray truck in and completely wet the interior field with fabric softener, but the horses still worry about the shock!




The horse park has its own Mounties!