May 27, 2012

#79 - Kentucky Bourbon Trail: Part 4 (Woodford Reserve & Wild Turkey)

Bourbon Trail

We had heard over and over again from every distillery that Woodford Reserve is really the best of the best, top shelf all the way.  I disagree, but whatever.  It was fine.

They charge for their tour so we didn't go on one (everyone else is free, by the way - with the exception of some specialty tours at Heaven Hill) because really, they make it the same way (almost) that everyone else does.  They do something (what exactly escapes me) three times instead of the two everyone else uses.

So we just wandered around the visitor's center until their lunch counter opened.

I liked this scale model of a warehouse.

We ate on their porch (really good chicken salad sandwiches) with this for a view.

Not too shabby.

Complimentary shot glass with tasting...

Shot glass I just really liked...

I also bought a lot of chocolate Bourbon balls here - I haven't opened them yet, and I hope they weren't completely destroyed on the drive.

No tour at Wild Turkey either, but we did taste their mojito lemonade (SO DELICIOUS!), and their american honey.  

This was our last planned distillery and the last entry we needed for our passports, and by this time we were Bourbon experts!


Mini-gift packs in velvet bags?  SOLD!

Passport?  COMPLETE!