September 13, 2014

JJK at The Getty (#15 Revisited)

After the Getty Villa we headed to The Getty Center proper.  I just have to say that we got the most awesome parking spot ever.  It was extra-wide and right by the elevators and on the bottom level so we basically had the elevator all to ourselves.  We saw car after car on the main levels (the parking structure goes down not up) waiting for someone to back out, trying to squeeze a truck, SUV, or minivan into a spot designated as compact, everyone being kind of miserable and we just drove down to the bottom and snagged an excellent spot.  Love it!

We did an abbreviated tour here hitting only the highlights so the teenagers weren't all museum-ed out.  JJK had never been here before so we started in the Decorative Arts building.  Now, the D.A. exhibits start with tapestries, and I don't personally find tapestries all that interesting.  So Jaiden and I just walked through to my favorite (recreated) room.  Meanwhile Jodi and Kolten didn't see us and just kept looking at the tapestries, wondering why we were spending so much time in there.  

Favorite room:

Detail on the chandelier:

I love the floors in this room:

Seriously, when the Jalaireians come this will be my throne.


Although I also love this bed:

This is my absolute favorite lighting fixture in the world.

Jaiden loves it too!
See how excited she is!?

Trying for a nice family photo:

Jaiden and the Vexed Man

Jaiden with Delusions of Grandeur


We were trying to hurry and get out of people's way, but I wish we'd taken a couple of seconds longer to really perfect this shot!

Excellent way to spend a Saturday in L.A.