October 29, 2012

#103 River Walk

River Walk

San Antonio's River Walk is a 3 - 4 mile flagstone esplande that borders the San Antonio river.  It is flanked by restaurants, hotels, shops, and activities, not to mention the convention center and a BYOB (bring your own boat) area for kayak enthusiasts to navigate. 



I was there with T3 and we decided on a boat tour of the 4 miles of the River Walk that is allowed public boat transportation.  I didn't get a lot of great pictures (we were sandwiched in with little maneuverability), but rest assured it is absolutely gorgeous, and I think it is a great addition to the city.  

I didn't get the best angle on this building, but as you come out from under a bridge it looks like this is a free floating wall rising out the street.




This is an old German church (San Antonio is the edge of Hill Country, remember).

This building looks like a boat looming over the river.

After the boat tour T3 headed home.  Their little ones were super tired, but I decided to stay and have lunch at Ritas on the River.  I'd done a little research on various restaurants along the River Walk and had several in mind.  Ritas ended up being the closest to where the boat dropped us off, but it was only marginal in terms of deliciousness, AND there were a gazillion pigeons all over the place.  This is why I don't eat outside.  Also, those are TAMU Aggies loitering and chasing pigeons.  :)

Looking at the River Walk from street level.  This is the slow season in San Antonio so there was a lot of construction going on all over the River Walk.  The Walk itself is pretty narrow, so some paths were completely closed with detours up to street level and then back down to the river level.  There were "guides" all over on street level asking as you came up the stairs if you needed to reacquire the River Walk.  I thought that was a super perk!  



I have horrible navigational skills and because of this thought I would be forever lost in the jungle known as River Walk.  It is however, surprisingly easy to navigate, and there are a ton of river taxis that make getting around very, very easy.  Love the River Walk!