March 28, 2011

#42 Philadelphia Flower Show

Philadelphia Flower Show

This year's theme was Springtime In Paris. Overall, I was a little disappointed, mostly because it was just so crowded, and noisy, but some of the displays were truly spectacular. It was one of those things that you are glad to have seen, but ultimately feel the need to see again, I think.


This was the grand prize winning display. Those floors are hand-painted. Click the photo to go to my Flickr page for some detail shots!

Part of the recreated Eiffel Tower constructed at the entrance of the show.


This was my favorite display. It was basically urban decay - re-imagined.


This is my current screen saver; every time I look at it the spring fever gets a little bit worse.

This was an entry in the miniature category.  The whole display was the size of my hand. (And I have abnormally tiny hands.)

Part of the carousel exhibit.