October 17, 2010

Monticello - Revisited (#21)

During a recent weekend in Virginia I returned to Monticello because I was very taken with it on my first visit. They've also recently added a "Behind the Scenes" tour to the schedule which I just couldn't resist. During the BTS tour you visit the second and 3rd floors, with the highlight being the dome room. While the 2nd and 3rd floors are still being restored (mostly empty rooms) you are allowed to take photos in those parts of the house. I loved Monticello more on this visit than I did on the first, remarkable since I didn't think I could love it more.




From the inside..

And the outside...

Thomas Jefferson did not want to waste space on staircases so he built two (1 on each end of the house) that were 22 inches wide and steeper than any pioneer home I've ever been in. Going up, not so bad...coming down, SCARY!

The third floor "attic" doors had these holes cut in them. To let the cats in and out. Awesome!